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A National VOIP Rollout.

PRS Case Studies

Rollouts installing a new telecom technology can be a challenge. But rolling that new technology, VOIP, out to almost 300 facilities nationwide is a particularly tricky proposition. That is why a national healthcare company came to PRS when they wanted to install VOIP phones in their patient rooms. The company was struggling with increasing telecom costs and time consuming monthly bill reconciliation. (Each facility had its own convoluted phone bill from a different local telecom vendor). Our client wanted a way to reduce telecom costs while at the same time providing a brand new service that didn't yet exist...and they wanted this done without the current monthly reconciliation headache.

They were led to PRS after receiving quotations for the VOIP solution from Cisco and another major VOIP integrator. The corporate healthcare executives found that the return-on-investment (ROI) of a VOIP solution was not so compelling once the procurement, licensing, and maintenance costs of these major brand systems were analyzed. PRS offered an alternative that did provide a compelling ROI. The initial capital cost of the PRS* system was less than 1/2 the cost of the other proposals. Additionally, the PRS* solution required no ongoing, recurring licensing fees.

Cost savings isn't the only story. The healthcare provider also chose to go with PRS because PRS offered to outsource the whole voice solution. Move, add, change, repair, and troubleshooting work - which previously would have required interaction and resources from both the client's help desk and a local telecom company were centralized at PRS. PRS runs a distributed monitoring solution that proactively notifies on, and tracks system uptime. This allows most maintenance to be performed on any facility nationwide remotely from PRS offices in Chicago.

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