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800 site VOIP rollout for national energy supplier

PRS Case Studies

A national provider of energy services and products decided to roll out VOIP to over 800 locations. Doing so would require a large undertaking of their resources, so they asked their phone system provider for help. After a disastrous start, with many missed deadlines and failed installations, the client’s executive team decided that a change was in order.

Because of PRS’s reputation for bringing in large scale projects on-time and on-budget, the client brought PRS in to get the project back on track. As newly appointed lead on the project, PRS started by defining a complete scope of work and comprehensive standards. PRS’s project management team developed an installation manual that provided field technicians with a detailed, easy-to-follow, step-by-step roadmap for use during the installation.

Because of the new standards, documents, and procedures, each member of the team knew exactly the work that was required and when it was required. They were finally all on the same”page.” This was no easy task, given that the large cast of players, vendors, and considerable number of deliveries that needed to be coordinated and synchronized.

Additionally, the field technicians were able to follow a simplified flowchart of the installation which allowed for much easier understanding and fewer mistakes in the field. It also allowed PRS to deliver a consistent installation no matter where in the country the installation took place.

The result was the project was completed earlier than expected, and the executive team happily realized the expected ROI from the VOIP project.

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