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PRS* (PRS Asterisk® install)

PRS Voice Over IP Solutions

Sophisiticated Phone Features at a Fraction of the Cost

Why pay a fortune for a full functionality phone system when you don't have to? A PRS* system can be installed at about 25% to 50% of the cost of a comparable (but LESS CAPABLE) big-name VOIP install, and the system can scale from SOHO (4 to 10 users) to Midsize (Up to 35 users) to Enterprise (6000+ users).

PRS has been using and implementing open source Asterisk phone system solutions for 2 years. In that time, we’ve grown with, and contributed to the global Asterisk project.

Our experience with the product has, through a process of evolution, developed into a unique PRS* build that optimizes hardware and software components to the SPECIALIZED requirements of server/IP based telephony.

A PRS* installation is designed to be very low cost, low maintenance, easily upgradeable, and remotely maintainable. Additionally, PRS builds in complete flexibility. Unlike conventional PBXs or “named” VOIP systems, there is no proprietary hardware or software. You can replace components with just about any piece of hardware that exists. That means no high-cost specialist technicians are required to maintain the system…and no high-cost proprietary replacement parts are mandated.

Saving a customer money is a primary focus of a PRS* implementation. The initial hardware is up to ˝ the up-front cost of a big-name system. Maintenance is much less expensive, too. PRS* is designed to be managed remotely. Say goodbye to high-price service calls because 90% of all maintenance is performed by offsite tech support.

PRS* is backed by a 2 year onsite full-coverage hardware warranty. That is double the warranty of most other phone system solutions.

PRS* has no initial or recurring “licensing” fees.

PRS has the ability to monitor PRS* health via IAX and the management console remotely. That way PRS proactively ensures phone system uptime at every remote facility.

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